BRIDGWATER and District U3A
History of the U3A The U3A movement started in France in 1972 and has since spread world wide. U3A stands for University of the Third Age, regarded by many as a misleading title. There are no paid tutors and interests are not all academic. However one of the key concepts is that of "life long learning" and U3A gives the chance to do just this. Certainly a university degree is not necessary to join but, conversely you can study Open University course material if you wish. When this is done in the knowledge that a career does not hang on the end of it there is much more enjoyment. Such learning can be done in small groups or individually, and materials are available from The Third Age Trust. For the Story of the U3A in Britain you may like to have a look at “The U3A Story” on the national U3A web site. Bridgwater U3A Bridgwater U3A was founded in early 1997 and provides excellent self-help opportunities for physical exercise, mental stimulation and friendship. Your subscription entitles you to join as many groups as you wish. All U3A's are autonomous. However, we affiliate to the Third Age Trust, which is a Registered Charity.