BRIDGWATER and District U3A
Table Tennis There are two Table Tennis groups.
Table Tennis 1 Meetings: Every Tuesday from 9.40 to 11.40 am. Venue:  Sydenham Community Centre Group Leader: Christine Telephone: 01278 451804 Please see note below ***
Table Tennis 2 Meetings: Every Friday from 9.40 to 11.40am. Venue:  Bridgwater YMCA Group Leader: Beatrice Telephone: 01278 684757
Tuesday Table Tennis has three tables. You    need    good    eye    and    hand    co-ordination    with reasonable mobility to move around the table. We   cannot   offer   tuition,   but   if   you   have   played   years ago   it   is   probable   that   it   would   quickly   come   back   to you. There   is   no   ‘official’   break   during   the   two   hours,   you can   take   a   drink   between   games   or   when   you   sit   out   a game   either   through   choice   or   necessity   (if   we   have more than twelve members turn up). We   take   the   game   seriously   and   play   by   the   rules, each   pair   doing   their   best   to   win   but   we   laugh   at   our mistakes. There is often a lot of laughter!!!! Please   Note:   This   group   is   currently   at   maximum capacity.        If    you    would    like    to    be    added    to    the waiting   list   or   wish   to   know   more   please   contact   me on 01278 451804. Christine   
The    Friday    group    provides    exercise,    enjoyment    and social   contact.      No   previous   experience   of   the   game   is necessary   but   reasonable   mobility   helps   as   does   being able to have a laugh! There   is   no   tuition   as   such,   but   you   learn   as   you   go along   with   the   other   members   being   happy   to   help   or give advice. Bring your own drinks/refreshments. There   is   a   charge   payable   per   session   to   cover   the   hire of the venue. Beatrice
Note:  In all cases before joining a group for the first time please telephone the group leader.