BRIDGWATER and District U3A
Natural History Meetings:        4th Wednesday of each Month      Group Leader:   Hilary Telephone:       431853
The Natural History group includes bird watching, but titled thus gives us a wider scope. We are planning various visits to local wildlife hotspots over the next few months.
Natural History Group ~ update Our   group’s   usual   format   has   been   turned   on   its’   head   recently!   Towards   the   end   of   last   year,   I   was   finding   organising everything   was   getting   just   too   much,   so   decided   to   re-hash   the   format.   At   our   post-Christmas   meal/planning   meeting at   the   end   of   January,   I   suggested   we   each   take   a   month   in   turn   alphabetically,   to   organise   a   ‘trip’,   and   this   was accepted. The   poor   weather   that   dogged   us   in   April,   continued   into   May,   when   a   small   group   of   us   re-visited   the   Arboretum   at Kingston   St   Mary,   near   Taunton.   Many   of   the   group   had   prior   holiday   arrangements   but,   at   least,   it   made   it   easier   for the   owner   to   talk   to   us   in   a   small   group.   The   trees   did   look   rather   different   than   when   we   saw   them   last   year,   the   pond was that much more attractive and there was much more bird life. We   followed   up   our   visit   with   a   very   tasty   lunch   at   ‘The   Swan’   in   Kingston.   This   pub   has   recently   changed   hands   and the new, young couple have great plans for its future. Sometimes,   we   can   organise   events   well   in   advance   like   that   one,   but   often,   the   more   spontaneous   ones   prove   to   be the   most   successful.   So   it   was   with   our   June   trip,   to   Abbotsbury   Swannery,   which   was   only   organised   the   month   before. Janet   and   Peter   saw   signs   for   it   in   May,   thought   there   might   still   be   many   fluffy   cygnets   around   a   month   later   and   they were right! We   visited   on   a   gorgeous   day,   with   a   sea   breeze   to   take   off   some   of   the   heat   and   thoroughly   enjoyed   ourselves.   Peter and   Shirley   both   volunteered   to   toss   a   bucket   of   grain   to   the   swans;   they   got   lucky   as   there   were   few   children   about that   day,   who   usually   get   picked   first.   However,   we   noticed   that   several   of   the   birds   decided   not   to   wait   to   be   fed,   they just helped themselves from the barrow. After we left the Swannery, we went on to West Bay for a chippie supper and, in some cases, an ice cream as well! John   is   planning   to   take   us   butterfly   watching   in   July,   to   an   area   of   woodland   that   will   be   totally   new   to   me,   and   to many others of the group I suspect. Let’s hope the insects oblige us with a good display! If   you   are   interested   in   finding   out   more   about   us,   please   ring   me   on   01278   431853.   If   I’m   not   around,   please   leave   a message and I will endeavour to get back to you. Hilary
Note:  In all cases before joining a group for the first time please telephone the group leader.