BRIDGWATER and District U3A
Natural History Meetings:        4th Wednesday of each Month      Group Leader:   Hilary Telephone:       431853
The Natural History group includes bird watching, but titled thus gives us a wider scope. We are planning various visits to local wildlife hotspots over the next few months.
Natural History Group ~ update Our   group’s   usual   format   has   been   turned   on   its’   head   recently!      Towards   the   end   of   last   year,   I   was   finding   organising everything   was   getting   just   too   much,   so   decided   to   re-hash   the   format.      At   our   post-Christmas   meal/planning   meeting at   the   end   of   January,   I   suggested   we   each   take   a   month   in   turn   alphabetically,   to   organise   a   ‘trip’,   and   this   was accepted. John   took   us   butterfly   watching   in   July,   to   an   area   of   woodland   that   was   totally   new   to   me,   and   to   many   others   of   the group   I   suspect,   Hatch   Hill,   up   behind   the   ‘Pipers’   pub.      We   were   very   lucky   with   our   sightings,   as   he   said   in   his   write- up. We   don’t   hold   an   ‘event’   in   August,   largely   due   to   school   holidays.      In   September,   Briggitte   took   over   the   organising   of a   trip   to   another   new   venue,   Thorney   Lakes,   near   Muchelney,   which   included   a   visit   to   potter   John   Leach’s   pond   and was   followed   by   lunch   at   The   Swan   in   Langport.      The   weather   was   glorious   and   really   hot   in   the   sun.      It   was   so   tranquil by   the   lakes,   such   a   lovely   change   from   the   usual   surroundings   most   of   us   experience.      There   were   several   fishermen trying   their   luck   and   we   could   see   there   were   fish   rising.      We   could   hear   lots   of   bird   life   in   the   surrounding   trees   but   not many   showed   themselves,   except   an   assortment   of   tits   and   ‘little   brown   jobs’.      It   was   a   bit   busier   on   the   water;   a   large heron flew in and a couple of moorhen were scudding about and calling. We   were   lucky   with   butterfly   sightings,   but   not   at   all   sure   of   our   identification;   could   have   done   with   John   being   with us! John   Leach’s   pond   was   much   more   enclosed   by   trees,   with   evidence   of   recent   storm   damage,   lots   of   branches   and twigs   on   the   banks   and   in   the   water.   We   were   a   bit   puzzled   by   the   neatly   nibbled   remains   of   corn   cobs   lying   around near the entrance to an adjacent field; human thieves eating them raw or squirrels, maybe? Guess we’ll never know! If   you   are   interested   in   finding   out   more   about   us,   please   ring   me   on   01278   431853.   If   I’m   not   around,   please   leave   a message and I will endeavour to get back to you. Hilary
Note:  In all cases before joining a group for the first time please telephone the group leader.