BRIDGWATER and District U3A
Lunch Group Meetings: Each month on the Friday following the Coffee Morning. Group Leader: Yvonne Telephone:   01278 451472
The Lunch Group meets on the Friday after the Coffee Morning. Various   venues   have   been   sampled   and   enjoyed   around   the   Sedgemoor   area   and   all   U3A   members   are   welcome   to   join. The menu is available at the Coffee Morning from which to select your choice. However   numbers   have   increased   and   sometimes   there   is   a   limit   to   the   number   the   venue   can   take.      Where   this   is   the case   it   will   be   announced   at   the   Coffee   Morning.      Currently   the   group   is   at   maximum   capacity   and   there   is   a   waiting   list once again.
Latest News 2018 On April 20th, 39 group members enjoyed a very good lunch at The Cottage, Keenthorne. On   May   18th   we   will   be   going   to   the   Enmore   Golf   Club   for   the   first   time   in   several   months,   due   to   the   club   being   closed for redecoration. The   June   meeting   on   Friday,   June   22nd   will   be   at   The   Bower   Inn.   This   will   be   led   by   Carol,   as   I   will   be   taking   some   time off, due to me having an operation on my eye in early July. I have booked Blackmore Farm for our Summer Buffet on July 20th. June will liaise with Ann for that meeting. Jenny has offered to lead the August lunch, at present I have no details. The menus will be sent out as usual, and will be at the Coffee Morning for you to peruse. I   do   not   know   how   long   I   will   be   away,   it   all   depends   on   the   result   of   my   operation.   If   there   is   no   one   to   lead   a particular month, then there will be no lunch on that occasion. I am grateful to those who have come forward to help, and I wish them well. Yvonne Group Leader
Note:  In all cases before joining a group for the first time please telephone the group leader.