BRIDGWATER and District U3A
Jazz Appreciation Meetings:  First Wednesday of each Month at 10 am. Group Leader: John Telephone:  651222
This group meets at the Leader’s house. Everyone   from   out   and   out   jazz   enthusiasts   to   those   who   would   simply   like   to   know   more   about   jazz,   and   particularly those want to find out what jazz is, are very welcome. A very wide range of jazz is covered from New Orleans to Big Band Swing, jazz vocalists, modern jazz and much more. As   well   as   playing   recorded   music,   members   of   the   group   will   give   presentations   on   various   aspects   of   jazz.   It   is   planned that   field   trips   to   live   jazz   events   in   our   area   will   take   place,   and   hopefully   we   might   even   have   some   live   jazz   at   our meetings. If you are interested please phone me at 651222. John
Note:  In all cases before joining a group for the first time please telephone the group leader.